Another important field of activity of our company is consecutive interpreting. We provide interpreting services for commercial negotiations, meetings, exhibitions, PR- events etc. for companies and individuals.

As a rule such activity is connected with providing services out of office. Therefore we will appreciate you submitting your request or application in good time, so that we could agree upon all terms and conditions.

You can pay either by usual bank-to-bank transfer or by cash at cash points of any bank.

Rates (consecutive interpreting)

Language combination Price
Russian RUR 430*
RUR 480*

* per hour

Your minimum order value is RUR 860,00 i.e. an equivalent of 2-hour-service without any special surcharges or additional factors. Our maximum price for a full day work of our interpreter (8 hours + 1 hour break for lunch) makes RUR 3.400,00.

Basically we avoid overtime work outside normal working hours. However, overtime work in excess of eight hours in a day should be additionally agreed upon taking into account the actual working conditions.

We offer special prices for our customers placing regular or substantial orders.


Translation and Interpreting Services in Smolensk

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