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A rich and full of dramatic events history of out town always attracted many travelers to Smolensk. You will find here many significant historical objects concentrated on a relatively small area like the 12th century churches of St. Michael the Archangel and of Saints Peter and Paul which miraculously preserved their old look until our days and with their interiors including iconostasis having been restored, to-day they are functioning as orthodox churches. Where but not here you can touch the historical Kremlin Wall of Smolensk built in the beginning of the 17th century, picturesquely surrounding the Old Town which witnessed many sorrows and evils and survived against all odds. It is nowadays one of the symbols of Smolensk. Coming down to river Dnieper you will be taken away by the overwhelming sight of the Assumption Cathedral of the 17th century, it boasts a beautiful iconostasis unique in its size and performance as well as the 16th century icon of our Lady of Smolensk. Travelling along narrow town streets you will admire lots of other objects closely associated with war experience and cultural life of our town.

We will be very glad to invite you to our two- or three- hour-sightseeing tours in Smolensk. In the past our employees used to work full or half time at different agencies specialized in foreign tourism like State Agency for Foreign Tourism Intourist, they have much experience in travel business so that you will certainly get fascinated with rich history of Smolensk presented against an unforgettable architectural background.

To fans of folklore and folk arts we recommend that they undertake a journey to estate- museum Teremok, situated some few minutes off Smolensk in the village of Talashkino. In the downtown of Smolensk you may enjoy our Gallery of Arts containing pictures of old Russian, Russian, Soviet and West European artists, sculpture museum presenting works of Konyonkov, a well-known Russian sculptor and native of Smolensk, the museum of flax, Nakhimov"s maritime museum, History Museum as well as exhibition halls and picture galleries.

Since April 10, 2010 the crash site of the Polish Air Force 1 with 96 people on board including the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife became a new place of mass pilgrimage first of all from Poland.

The price depends on the number of participants, route, season and the means of transport to be used.
A standard 3-hour-sightseeing trip with an English speaking guide in the customers vehicle costs RUR 1.350,-.


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