Certification and Legalization of Documents

Most documents do not need to be specially certified by a notary public. In most cases it will do if your document has been authenticated by translator's signature and seal. So please contact the authority in question to find out their requirements in respect of the kind of authentication to be done. However, none document can be certified at the same time by translator's seal and notary public seal.

You will need an official translation of the original document certified by a notary public first of all before state registration bodies like State Traffic Police (GIBDD) or Registrar. For legalization of Russian documents certified by a Russian notary public you may need to have the documents authenticated by Apostille (apostillization) or confirmed by consular legalization seal (which is, however, a more complicated procedure).

For notarization of documents our translator should personally appear before a notary public, identify himself/herself and show his or her proof of competency. That's why we charge a special courier fee in addition to translator's services and effective notary fee paid.

The courier fee makes RUR 250,00.

The Notary fee for the authentication of the translator's signature can vary at different Notary Offices. As a rule it makes between RUR 100,00 and 300,00 per one translator's signature.

Translation and legalization by a notary public takes more time. For delivery time of usual translation work you can refer to our section TRANSLATION, a notary public certification takes as a rule 2 hours. If there are more documents to be certified, the legalization process can be longer taking into account that each certified copy should be attached and bound to the original by the notary public as well as duly filed.


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